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Pinoy Kundiman/Classical Channel

Welcome to the only station in the planet that broadcast the forgotten melodies of the Philippines. Classical Philippines Radio (Classical PH) plays unique blend of traditional spanish guitar, kundiman, harana and other regional music.
Spanish and Mexico left their musical mark on the Philippines, introducing another rich culture, Christianity and its attendant religious music. The guitar and other instruments, as well as zarzuela (a form of operetta) were popular and soon became an important part of the customs and traditional elements of the culture of the Philippines.
These influences gave way to Kundiman, simple heartwarming song that strongly expresses the serene sentiment of Filipino melodies that have been hummed and sung since the late 1800s. Harana on the other hand is a traditional way of serenading which influence comes from folk Music of Spain and the Mariachi sounds of Mexico.
Listed below are some of the great examples of artists of yesteryear as well as contemporary composers and vocalists that we played 24/7 without interruptions. Even if you don't understand a single word, you'll find classical Philippine as a great listening music. So sit back, relax and enjoy this unique style of Philippine music.

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