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SupahPapaLicious is the story of Adonis (Vhong), an orphan who goes to the city to look
for his long-lost girlfriend. With his SupahPapaLiciousclosest friends along for the ride,
Adonis encounters a series of misadventures involving cows, crops, cops, corpses, and a
cruise in an urban jungle that is Metro Manila. Fortunately, after much hardwork, the
gang finally adjusts to city life and Adonis goes back to wishing he could experience
the love of a family he has never had. Upon meeting Athena(Valerie) and her son Atong
(Makisig) though Adonis rejoices for he knows this is his chance to achieve that dream.
There is a catch however for Atong will only approve of the man his mother will love,
if and only if he comes from a big and loving family making the situation difficult for
the country bumpkin.


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